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Am I eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit?

Every state in the US currently offers survivors the option to file a wrongful death lawsuit after the loss of a loved one. However, the rules regarding who may file and the requirements for what constitutes a “wrongful death” may differ depending on your state.

In general, when someone passes away due to the negligence or intentional action of a third party, their death may be considered “wrongful.” In this case, you may be able to pursue legal action in the form of financial compensation after their passing. Some examples of wrongful death may include medical malpractice, delayed diagnosis, vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, or more.

If you are an immediate family member of someone who died due to the negligence of a third party, you may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Examples of immediate family members include a spouse, surviving children, or the deceased’s parents, if they were unmarried. However, some states allow more distant family members, those in a civil union with the deceased, or anyone suffering from financial loss due to their passing to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Speak with an expert attorney through Mourn’s national network today to fully understand your options.