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Mourn is a resource available to anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. Let us connect you to a dedicated network of experts who can help you navigate this difficult time.

Grief Resources

During a time of grief, dealing with the details of mourning while moving forwards can be overwhelming. Mourn is here to help you cope. We offer access to a dedicated network of legal, financial, memorial, and counseling resources to help ease your burden.

Unfortunately, much of what has to be accomplished after the loss of a loved one can be time-sensitive or bureaucratic. The advocates connected with Mourn are available immediately to take over the process of administrative tasks, lifting the concept of deadlines and due dates off of your shoulders during this difficult period.

What to do after someone dies

Immediately after someone passes away, there are certain steps that need to be taken. You will need a medical professional to make a legal pronouncement of death in order to move forwards with the funeral planning. Even if the person dies at home, reach out to medical care to receive the official death certificate.


Moving forwards, you will need to notify any friends or family, as well as begin plans for the funeral and any appropriate memorial services. If your loved one’s death was considered wrongful, or the fault of someone else’s negligence, there are also legal deadlines to consider. Reaching out to an attorney as well as a medical professional is the next logical step to handle the deceased’s estate, as well as any settlement possibilities.

Our Process



Reach out to Mourn to help us understand the circumstances of your loss. Once we know the details, we can help get you in touch with the kinds of expert help and consultation you need to move forwards.



Mourn offers instant access to a wide network of highly skilled and qualified attorneys, counselors, financial planners, and more to cover all the bases of what might be necessary during this time. Our counselors are available in a variety of states and languages.



The professionals we connect you with will handle your needs, whether they be administrative, legal, therapeutic, or more.



Mourn remains available to you as a resource to help form a sense of community, and provide follow-up care.

Emotional support

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If you need any help during this time please contact our experts to get the emotional support you need.

Our Experts

Mourn thoroughly vets the attorneys, counselors, and other professionals who join our network. Our connections are experts in their fields, licensed to practice in each of their individual states and cities.

Financial Help

Funeral and memorial expenses aside, there also may be medical costs that preceded the loss of your loved one, as well as their loss of income to contend with. Of course no amount of money can ever compensate for your loss, but there may be financial assistance available to help ease the burden during this time of hardship. If you lost your loved one due to someone else’s negligence or wrongful action, seeking legal counsel may be useful to understand the options on the table. Contact the legal experts at Mourn to find out what financial help may available.

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