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Cancer-Causing Medications

Certain medications have been shown to increase a person's chances of developing cancer. If they pass away as a result of taking these medications, their loved ones may be able to seek compensation for their losses.

Dangerous Drug Side Effects: Cancer

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Medications are meant to treat and guard against illness. Unfortunately, they can sometimes have adverse side effects.

There are instances when those side effects may be quite serious. For example, some medications have the potential to cause cancer.

You will hopefully never lose a close loved one to cancer because they took a dangerous medication. However, if this does happen, you may be able to pursue compensation for your losses.

Schedule a free legal evaluation with a dangerous drug legal expert to learn more about your rights to compensation in these circumstances. One of our experts at Mourn will be happy to provide the advice you need.

Medications That May Cause Cancer

Various medications have been shown to potentially increase someone’s chances of developing certain forms of cancer. Noteworthy examples include the following:


Zantac: This drug has been used to treat heartburn and similar maladies. The FDA has requested removing it from stores because it contains an ingredient that may promote the development of stomach and bladder cancer. While this may protect others from becoming victims in the future, some have already lost their lives as a result of using Zantac.


Belviq: Belviq is used for weight management. According to the FDA, clinical trials indicate it may cause cancer. The FDA has not conducted enough research to justify requesting a full removal of the drug from shelves, but the agency nevertheless wants the public to understand that it may be unsafe.

Xeljanz: Xeljanz is a drug that is supposed to treat certain forms of arthritis and colitis. Research suggests it may increase a patient’s risk of developing cancer and/or cardiovascular health issues.


This is not an exhaustive list. If you have questions about whether a medication may have caused your loved one’s cancer, speak with a member of our team at Mourn.

Consequences of Cancer Fatalities

Losing a loved one because they took a medication that caused cancer is an emotionally devastating experience. It can also have major financial consequences for you and your close family.

You may have relied on your loved one’s income. The sudden loss of that income may force you to make significant life adjustments. In addition, you will likely suffer from a loss of their support, guidance, and companionship.

These are examples of losses that you may be compensated for. Consult with a dangerous drug legal specialist at Mourn for more information.

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Seeking Compensation After a Dangerous Drug Fatality

Pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to minimize the chances that their products may harm those who use them. They also have a duty to inform both doctors and the public when there is evidence suggesting their medications may cause side effects.

Sometimes, they fail to do so. This can result in premature deaths among patients who trusted their medications were helping them—not harming them.

If a pharmaceutical company acted in a negligent and reckless manner by concealing potentially fatal side effects, surviving loved ones may be able to pursue compensation for their losses by filing a lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturer and distributor.

The product liability lawyers at Mourn have extensive experience holding Big Pharma accountable for selling dangerous drugs. They can build a strong case on your behalf to optimize your chances of recovering compensation.

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If you believe your loved one developed cancer as a result of a medication they were taking, please contact our experts to get the support you need.

How a Dangerous Drug Lawyer Can Help You

When seeking compensation for a loved one’s wrongful death, hiring an attorney is a wise idea for several reasons. An attorney can help you in the following critical ways:


Conducting an Investigation


You can only collect compensation if you can provide evidence showing a loved one developed cancer because they took a certain medication. Gathering such evidence can be challenging and may require combing through medical records, interviewing medical experts, reviewing a drug company’s internal documents, and more.

Filing a Lawsuit



The process of building a strong case can be complex. In addition to gathering evidence, it may also require coordinating with medical professionals, documenting the nature and extent of a family’s losses, completing and submitting paperwork by deadlines, and much more.

A dangerous drug lawyer at Mourn can handle all of these tasks on your behalf.

Fighting for Compensation


Pharmaceutical companies have large experienced defense teams on their side whose job it is to defeat any lawsuits filed against them. That being said, you need an experienced law firm that has the resources necessary to challenge them effectively.


Mourn partners with some of the largest and most trusted plaintiff’s law firms in the country who have stood up against pharmaceutical companies in court and won. They know the tactics these corporations try to use to defeat legal action, and they know how to overcome them.

Our Legal Advocates Are Here to Help

If you believe your loved one developed cancer as a result of taking a dangerous medication, our team at Mourn may be able to help you pursue compensation.

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